60secondpremier: First Premier Bank Pre Approved Confirmation Number

  • First, you will have to register yourself in 60SecondPremier Card offered by First Premier Bank.
  • 60secondpremier.com requires a confirmation number.
  • 60secondpremier credit card targets people with less than best credit.

In order to apply for First Premier Bank 60secondpremier Credit Card the customer should be 18 or 18+, should be a legal resident of US, and must have a fixed source of income. Good credit card score is not required for applying.

If you want to register yourself by using the confirmation number, all you need to do is visit the official site by using the link www.60secondpremier.com confirmation number. All this procedure will be completed in the time of 5 minutes. Moreover, the people with the confirmation number are already pre-screened and will be preferred to be approved first.

60SecondPremier.com Pre Approved Confirmation Number Highlights

  • Useful credit card for the people who are in search of remaking their credit score by making on-time payments.
  • First Premier Bank issue 60 second Premier Credit Card and are the regular member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
  • If the users are having better credit card score than they have to look somewhere else.
  • Users having the 60secondpremier Confirmation number will be preferred, as they have pre-screened as compare to the people not having the confirmation number with them.

If you do not have any 60 Second Premier confirmation number and want to apply for 60 Second Premier Credit Card then for this action you have to visit the site www.60secondpremier.com. You have to provide your first and last name, your address and last four digits of your Social Security Number.

60SecondPremier.com Pre Approved Confirmation

If you have any query related to 60 Second Premier, First Premier Bank Credit Card you can use the mailing address to mail your queries i.e. First PREMIER Bank, P.O. Box 5524, Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5524 and can also use the customer support number i.e. 800-987-5521.

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60SecondPremier.com Online Reviews

After collecting the complaints and reviews from the customers, some of the reviews below are collected from different sources and forums.

Back from the 5 years I own this card, never faced any problem in having this card, and never contact the customer service. They really helped me with my credit score. My relative has been charged with the debt with the same name I am having and because of that debt I was rejected for all the credit cards. 540 was my score for TransUnion at that time and the Equifax score was zero.”

“I am dealing with the First Premier Bank and never faced a problem with it. Whenever I make a call to their customer agent they talk to me politely and nicely. Because of my hospital stay, I was late to make my payment they don’t even charged me with any late payment fee and did not received the courtesy call as others are saying they get it. The interest rate is a bit high but this is in the condition when you are having a bad or no credit history.”

From the last year, I am having my card. The credit line given to me was $500. I always make my payment in full every month to get rid of paying the rate of interest. The annual fee will surely help you to get back on the track of credit. All you have to do is to pay on time each month in full. If you are unable to do that than you are not eligible for this card.

“As I have experienced it and I would say without any doubt that, First Premiere trust on when all others rejected me. I am truly amazed to see the negative feedbacks and complains about this card. It says in the agreement when you are signing it that you are accepting all the fee and APR included in the agreement. You can totally reject it at that time if you think you cannot afford it. This company is providing me unique services that other companies lack in providing. I know Amex had a huge amount of yearly fee charged on their different cards. To build my credit score, I pay my fee on time and I don’t make them regret for trusting me. My score is now gradually increasing since the day I got approved. They gave me this opportunity and I am glad to have it. Within 2 months, I have raised my points from 425 to 568. After a good response, I approved 2 more of my unsecured cards recently. Using my card to its minimum just to make my payments minimum. With this, I am ready to build a successful financial business in my future. I would not have done without the First Premier support. I may not be wrong if tell you that there are people with an increasing credit score in the period of 2 to 3 months. They may have denied me every time but it did not bother me as they gave me a good start at $400. Lastly, I am grateful to the First premier as I really love their services and will continue to be their customer for ongoing years.”

“My credit card score is boosting every month as I am paying my bills on time never I got late in paying bills. My credit card score increased up to 200 points, I am very happy, and I think so it will help me build a strong financial business for me in the near future. I would definitely recommend this credit card to all my relatives including friends.”

“Its been a year as their customer and I had some issues early on but they resolved my problems through customer service and from that day I am very pleased and sometimes I am amazed to see all the negative feedback from their customers because I never faced any problem like they did.”

Why the First Premier card is so costly?

When your credit is not good, the extra fee charged and APR is not unusual. The team that issues you the card will see you as high risk and will charge you in the result of the conclusion. However, for your information, it is to be mentioned that the 60 Second Premier Card will raise these changes to a different level.


The fees you will be charged includes processing fees, annual fees, and monthly serving fees. Which may differ depending on the limit of the credit you are having. The credit limit is in between $300 to $1000 since the day we have a look at the terms and conditions.

60SecondPremier.com Pre Approved Confirmation fees

The process of the fee begins with the processing fee, which is paid one time before opening your account. The next one is the annual fee, which you have to pay every year. Moreover, the most important one is a monthly servicing fee for the 60 second premier, in the first year the credit limit is up to $500. For instance, a total of $170 in the first year is charged on the credit limit of $300. In addition, $120 is charge after the first year. Best rewards credit cards did not charge that much. For cash in advance, you have to pay 5% or $6 the one, which is greater.


For a cash advance, the rate of APR for First Premier Bank Credit Card is 36%. This is very low there is no other card except this that offers this much rate and serve you in little but if you have the balance in the card then it will lead you to face the financial crisis.

Less-expensive alternatives

Mostly, a secured credit card is one of the best choices to have when you have less credit with you. The negative aspect of a secured credit card is a deposit, which means you have some extra cash with you when you are using your card. You will get your cash back when you will close your account, with interest occasionally. Two of the secured card include OPENSKY® Secured Visa® Credit Card and DCU Visa® Platinum Secured Credit Card.


If you are facing a condition of having a low credit and nobody is accepting you for the MasterCard then OPENSKY® SECURED VISA® is the card that provide you a platform with even bad credit history. They don’t check while you are applying for the card if you have $35 that is ok for them. The security deposit depends on the creditworthiness that can be ranged between $200 to $3000. The report is sent to the three bureaus, the rate of variable APR charged is 19.64%, and the APR for a cash advance is $6 or $5.
The best alternative for this is DCU VISA SECURED CARD that helps to select
you when you are in the bad credit condition. After searching for the card that does not need any good credit and accepts you without any inquiry from the selective organization you can get the best card that is reasonable as well.


60secondpremier is a protected visa MasterCard. It is stated by the bank that if you are facing any financial crisis and your credit is low then you can be approved by them. The rate of Variable APR for this card is around 13.75 currently and after that it is free. In addition to this, the annual fee is zero for this card. It will give you an idea to check the status of raising the credit without knowing on which point you are so that in this way you can check your fico. The report of your credit card is sent to all the three major credit bureaus.

The drawback of having this card is that you must be a member of a digital federal credit union to have the card. You can same be the member of the card if

  • You have a connection with the partaking organization.
  • If you are recognized with your current part.
  • Whether you work, stay or is understudy with a connection establishment.
  • If you are working in the organization and resigned anytime then you are individual of this.

Apart from the disadvantage, this is the best card you can have.

Customer Support Service

For any problems that you are facing related to 60secondpremier or First Premier Bank Credit Card, you can contact us on the following information

  • Mailing Address: First PREMIER Bank, P.O. Box 5524, Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5524.
  • Customer Support Number: 800-987-5521.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does First Premier Bank give credit increases?

Yes it give increases on some conditions i.e. when First Premier increases the customer credit limit it charge you 25% from the amount which is increased. Customers can apply anytime for increment in their credit card limit but they have to complete the duration of 13 months as a customer before applying for an increment otherwise they will not get any increase in their credit limit. The range of increment is between $100 and $200.

  • Can I go over my credit card limit with First Premier Bank?

$7 every month will be charged to you for the Service fee of $84. Some Other Charges include Credit Limit Increase Fee: Every time your Account is permitted and approved for a credit limit increase that is you will charged $25.00 fee.

  • Is a platinum credit card better?

The Platinum Cards provide you with higher minimum credit limits other than gold cards, which will be useful for you if you spent more credit and can manage your credit card payments easily with attention. Platinum cards then other gold cards, offered by the same donor, charge higher annual fees.

  • How much money is on a platinum credit card?

Usually the annual fee charged on platinum credit cards differ between the range $99 to $300 or it may be higher than that. Other Rewards programs. You need to take notice how many points you earn on spending every dollar.

  • Can I cancel my first Premier credit card?

First Premier Bank allow you to cancel your credit card any time with zero
cancellation fee. All you have to do is make a call to customer service by using the number 1-800-987-5521. The other method is by writing a letter of cancelation and mail it.

  • What is a bad credit score?

700 to 850 credit score is an Excellent/Very good range for you. Whereas, 680 to 699 (Average American score is 682) comes in a Good Credit score. Moreover, the range lies between 620 to 679 comes in Average/Ok range. Likewise, 580 to 619 is the low credit score and 300 to 400 is the bad credit score.

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