Things You Should Know About Modells Credit Card

Comenity Bank issues you a Modells Credit Card. On having your credit card you can avail the discount offers that are especially for the cardholders. With these amazing offers, the credit card becomes more attractive. The customers who love to shop for spots related goods will love this card and this card is designed as per their requirements.

There is zero annual fee of Modells Credit Card on using the card, This is a handy card for those customers who love to shop the sports item by visiting different shops.


  • When you will spend $1 you will get 1 point on spending per dollar as a reward.
  • On making every purchase using your Modell’s card you will get 5% cash back.
  • When you will raise your credit point to 400 points you will get $20 MVP as a reward certificate.
  • When releasing the new products they will give you firsthand information.
  • For shopping events, the customers having their card with them are only given access to private MVP membership.
  • There are also monthly discounted coupons offered by Modell’s credit card.
  • Different in-store events and special birthday coupons are also offered to the cardholders.

Fees / Rates

  • The Annual Fee charged is Zero.
  • The APR Rate charge is 24.99% Variable.
  • You will be charged $38 as a late payment fee.

Modells Credit Card Reviews

“In the last few days, the credit limit of my Modell’s credit card and of my Big Lots Credit card as well is decreased they informed me that. When I asked them about this they said to me I would get an email with the information that my credit limit is decreased as my credit score is dropped notably to 589 on the date of May 18 in the current year. I suddenly move to check my credit score whether they are speaking right or not, but they were wrong. The information they gathered about my credit score was very wrong I was amazed how they have gathered it. I have approved my credit card from the Chase bank and look on my credit score multiple times in different places and my score was not that which they have told me. It was even higher than before. Now they want me to rove my statement and write a letter to them. They said to me I couldn’t tell this to anyone for the privacy purpose of Comenity. Now I am collecting the information and doing the same as they asked me to do.”

“I have my modell’s credit card which I got at the store when I was shopping my stuff. As I was not making my payments on time and was lacking behind. The in charge of the MasterCard charged me a late payment fee and some other additional fee. I was ok with that and did not complain about it and paid all the additional fee charges. But when my APR was raised to 31% that was the end. I make a call to Customer Service and received a satisfactory reply from them they said they will do something and as per commitment, they did. After a few days I received a letter with the statement “Unfortunately, we are unable to change the rate of APR”. I again make a call to customer service and rarely speak to someone like that in INDIA. I was like really India? I was amazed that is USA jobs are out of track? I guess we are just attracted by the layoffs beauty. I was pissed off. The lady which was taking to me can’t even understand me what I am saying and directed my call to the customer service department in the USA which was named as Darlene. She told me that my APR can be raised and was never get low when I asked her she replied: “ If I will pay all my payment on time for the next 6 months then they will be able to help me in this issue.” She said hope they don’t further raise it.”

“I have started a petition for the customers who are not happy with Modell’s and GE Money. Until now, I have completed 150 signatures on the petition including mine too. This petition is stating that we will stop shopping from Modell’s stores and we will never sign up for GE Money credit card. The petition is named with the title: GOTTA NEVER GO TO MO’S. Kindly let me know if you are interested in signing this petition. We have started the campaign to cancel all the additional charges. Companies like Modell’s is looting the people by attracting them. Join us and show unity that what American people like the most.”

How to Apply for Modells Credit Card

If you want to know the application procedure of Modells Credit Card then use the steps given below for your guide.

  • Visit the official site of Modells Card by using the Webpage link, you will navigate towards application page and here you have to enter the information required to complete the process.
Modells Credit Card apply procedure
  • The personal information you need to provide is your first name, middle name, last name, your date of birth, phone number, annual income, Social Security Number, Email address and your Driving license.
Modells Credit Card apply 2
  • The most important thing you need to do is to read the terms and conditions of the credit card and mark tick after reading it in the checkbox given.
  • Mark the box “ I have read the terms and condition”.
  • In the last step, you have to click on the “Submit Application”.

How to Activate Modell’s Credit Card

If you want to activate your Modell’s Credit Card you can activate it by using your

  • Keep in your mind, for this process you need to have your credit card along with you to complete the activation process.
  • Make a call on the toll-free number i.e. 1-866-512-6286 to activate your card.
  • You will be contacted to customer care representative, provide the complete information they asked you to complete the activation of your credit card.
  • Soon your card will be activated.
  • You can also activate your modells credit card through this link.
modells card active

How to Login Modells Credit Card

If you want to access, your credit card account, for this purpose you need to log in your account. To login your credit card account follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the official site of Modells Credit Card by using this link.
  • You will be directed towards Modell’s MVP account Management page.
Modell’s Credit Card sign in
  • Here at the top of the page, you have to enter your Username and Password in the given space.
  • Now click on Sign In button to access your account. After signing in you will be able to manage your account according to your requirements.

How to Recover Username or Password

In case, if you have forgotten your account’s password or username you can recover it easily by using the process given below. Follow the steps mentioned below to complete the process.

  • Go to the official site of Modell’s Credit Card by using the link mentioned above.
  • Move your cursor towards the account recovery page.
Modells credit card recovery
  • At the end of the sign in page, you will see the account recovery option.
  • Click on it to continue the process.
  • Now enter the information required in the given space.
  • Next Click on the “Find my Account” button.
modells recovery options

Modells Credit Card Bill Payment Method

If you want to make your bill, payments there are three different methods to make your payments. You can make it done by using an online platform, or on phone or by using the mailing address.

  • Visit the official site by using the link mentioned above.
  • Sign In to your account by using the process explained above.
  • After signing in your account search the payment button and Click on it.
  • Now in the next step, you have to select the payment method from which you want to make your payment.

Mailing Address for Bill Payment

You can make your payments by using the mail address. You have to send your payment on the following address:

Comenity Capital Bank
PO Box 183003,
Columbus, OH 43218-3003

  • Customer Service Number

If you have any query related to Modell’s Credit Card you can make a call to customer service by using the number i.e. 1-866-512-6286



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I make payments online using Modells Card?

Yes, you can make your payments online by using the Modells card official link

  • What is the Modells Card?

The Modells Card provides you with different rewards and benefits if you make
purchases by using your credit card.

  • From where I do sign In my Modells Card account?

You can login your Modells Card by using the link mention here.

  • When do I need to make payments on my Modells Card?

The conditions for making payments by using your Modells Card is given here.

  • What information I need to provide for a Modells Card application?

The information you need to enter while filling the application form can be
found here.

  • What are the rewards offer by the Modells Card?

For different benefits offered by the Modells Card, you can visit the link to find out the benefits.

  • When can I redeem my benefits on my Modells Card?

The process of redeeming benefits of your Modells Card is mentioned here. By using this link you can get complete information about redeeming.

  • How to apply for the Modells Card?

The complete application process information can be found here. By using this link you will find easy to apply for your Modells Card.

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