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Are you interested in buying pets, toys, food and grooming supplies? If yes then use the Petland Credit Card. By using this card, you can add up quickly. Your pets are in search of the care, which they can get easily. You can get what you need for your pet in the money you use to take care of them. After visiting the pet store, you always feel that you are not getting the services, which you needed. However, by using the Petland Credit Card you can get it all.

Things To Consider Before Applying

The Petland Credit Card is not for the people who:

  • Interested in purchasing the small pet that is low priced including hermit crabs, mice, gold fish, newts and frogs.
  • Become the owner of the pet but can’t afford the ongoing expenses.

Petland Card May be ideal for someone who

  • Become the owner of the pet and can afford the ongoing expenses of their pet easily like cat and dog food, litter etc.
  • Planning to buy a pet like cat or dog that is very expensive.

You should go through the terms and conditions before applying for the credit card of your choice. The rewards and the rate of interest of this card is the main features of the ideal card that should be considering by the owner are mentioned above.

What is the Petland Credit Card?

This credit Card offers its customers with the convenient method of paying.

The Annual Fee is None.The rate of APR is high that is
Every year you will get 4x
exclusive discounts.
The Loyalty program different
from the credit card.
The discounts on products are
The information delivered to you
online is not complete.
20% discount will be given with 5
times per $50 or on the purchases
that are qualified in the time span
of 12 months.

Features Of Petland Credit Card

The Features of the Petland Credit Card are as follow:

  • The annual fee for this card is zero.
  • You will get a discount on the products purchased from Petland.
  • Every year you will get 4x exclusive discounts.
  • 20% discount will be given with 5 times per $50 or on the purchases that are qualified in the time span of 12 months.
  • Every month you will get $1 on making net eligible purchases and earning up to 2000 points. $5 on making purchases and earning 100.
  • Get different bonus points for the special offers.
  • After making purchases above $499 you can select whether you want to earn points or the eligible promotions options for financing.
  • The introductory APR rate is none.
  • The regular rate of Purchase APR is 29.99%.
  • The rate of Advance APR is None.
  • There are no fees for Cash Advance.

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Petland Customer Reviews & Complaints

After collecting the complaints and reviews from the customers, some of the reviews below are collected from different sources and forums.

I purchased a Golden Labrador at Petland with my husband. The customer agent named Adriana and she was our consulter and helped us very much. She was very nice and humble. The location was very good and clean and u-to mark. Although it was expensive for us but provide you with a great financial plan and benefits. Our new baby is amazing, we loved it, and we are in hope, everything will be fine.

In Sept 2017, I purchased a puppy. The puppy was fine. He was attached with me in a month. I love him and is very glad to have him with me. The only negative point about them is that they exceed my expenses by selling the product to increase his appetite. He was not good in eating but after that, he started eating and was fine. Within a year he was use to eating and eat his food without any appetite product. He was good in health as well. In the late 80’s I had purchased one dog from there and he was fine. They pay for the medication because they only have a kennel cough. Therefore, I am satisfied with my dogs both times.

Recently at petland I bought a bow fish tank of 72 gallon along with the lights, stand, gravel and stand. They gave me a warranty of two year for any defect I faced for fish tank. In April 2008, I purchased the tank. We were in the den where we had set the tank and suddenly we heard a sound of crack from the tank. The support stand was broken and there was no stand to support. I immediately contacted the store and rushed. They simply asked me to inform this to the manufacturer. I had to purchase another tank in replacement in the meanwhile. They did not have any concern to refund my money that I spend on purchasing a new tank. I again purchased a tank at Petland from the discount stores by spending $238.9.

At Bethel Road Petland I purchased an Australian shepherd poodle puppy in Dublin, OH. Their customer agents were very friendly and humble. They even allowed me to take the puppy with me at home, so that I can observe whether he can adjust with my cat. Although he was expensive and the price was $1700 along with the food, toys, training, crate, etc. He was sick and we took him to the vet who gave us medicine for his tapeworms. He was suffering from cold but he is with us from a week and he is very active and jolly. Now a day he is in practice to learn poop training and his diet is very good.

I have two puppies that I purchased from Dalton GA store and both of my puppies were amazing. My one puppy have a cherry eye that is very normal for that breed and for his surgery, Petland paid me. To find the perfect dog or to know about him you should consult an associate to know what they are doing. You can take information from the old employee or from the supervisor to gather more information about the puppy. When the age of the puppies is 30 plus than they are supposed to be sick just like the elementary school.

Recently I visited the Petland and bought a puppy in IL. The puppy was Yorkie Cross. It was so cute. No issues.

Few time before me and my boyfriend decided to buy an Ori Pei puppy. We are so sorry about that puppy at Petland. The dog was there sometime before and when we were there to buy, it was only 4 months old. The dog was very skinny and have a head bigger than her body. They gave us a concession and the price of that dog was $500 after concession. The original price was $1600 as she was hard to sell. We named her Stella.

How Much Money Can I Save?

The difference between the Club Pret and the credit card is minor. At the Orlando East, the credit card is not required to receive the following.

Club Pet

  • You will get a discount of 10% on some pet supplies.
  • On the dog food you will get 5% discount.
  • On flea and tick preventatives you will get 5% discount.
  • You will get discount on all the grooming services.
  • The feeder cards are frequent.

We want to compare the discounts offered by the Club Pet with the credit cards to attract the customers. However, this is not possible because these both are the same program so the answer is they cannot piled. The credit card is linked to your loyalty card, which is just a financing program.

How to Apply

You must have your Petland Credit Card before applying for this card. You can access your account online anytime. After getting approved from the Comenity Bank you will receive your card within the 10 working days.

Petland Credit Card Login

If you are already a user of Petland Credit Card and want to access your account to manage, your card activities then go through the process below:

  • Visit the official site of Comenity bank by using the link Petland login.
  • You will be directed towards the homepage of Petland.
  • Now you will see a Sign on the page on the left side of the homepage.
Petland Credit Card Login
  • Here you have to enter your login credential i.e. your username and password.
Petland Credit Card Login
  • Mark Remember me if you are using your own device.
Petland Credit Card Login
  • Next click on Sign In button to access your account.
Petland Credit Card Login

How to Enroll?

After getting approved you can access your account online. This will help you in purchasing and let you know the points earned by you. You can also view your statements and can track your payments.

Follow the steps given below to create your account.

  • Visit the official site by using the link Petland Credit Card Registration.
How to Enroll
  • The first question you have to answer is “Do you know about your credit card account number? You can easily create your account with considering any of the options. If you select the option no then you need to verify your information by entering your address, date of birth and your social security number.
How to Enroll
  • After providing all the information click on the continue button. Next, you have to create your username and password.

For the people who don’t want any pet or don’t want to buy any pet supplies from the Petland then you should go for a regular Visa or MasterCard credit card.

Forgot Password

  • In case if you have forgotten your account’s password or username then you can easily recover it by visiting the login page.
  • At the end of the login page, you will see the Username/Password Help button on the left side of the screen click on it.
  • Here you have to provide the information that includes your Username or Account number, Social Security Number last four digits and ZIP or postal code. After that click on the Continue button.
  • You can easily recover your account’s password by using the instruction mentioned above.

Card Activation

If you want to activate your credit card then go through the steps given below:

  • Visit the official site to log in your account by using the process defined above.
  • Locate the option of Activate Card and click on it.
  • Now provide your primary information that includes your credit card number, expiration date, select your identification type and fill the next section as per selection.
  • Next, click on the Continue button and provide the information required to complete the activation process.


If you have misplaced your credit card or want to file a report then pick your phone up and make call to the bank using the number i.e. 1(866) 499-4761 or you can also make a visit to bank for more information. The customer representative will verify your information, after the verification process, your old card will be deactivated and a new card is issued to you.

Customer Support

If you have any query related to Petland Credit Card or want some help then you can use the customer service number i.e. 1(866) 499-4761.

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Mailing Address

If you want to send your query by mail then use the address given below
Comenity Capital Bank

PO Box 183003,
OH 43218-3003

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I pay my Petland Credit Card bill Online?

Yes, you can pay your credit card bill online. You can pay your bill online as well as by using the Petland mobile app. Use the website pay/petland for online payment.

  • Is there any login page of the Petland Credit Card on the official site?

There is no login page on the official site of Petland Credit Card you can login your account by using the site of Comenity bank.

  • If I am not able to access my Petland Credit Card account. From where I can get the help?

You can use the Customer Support service of Petland Credit Card if you want any help regarding your credit card account. The link to the support page is given here i.e.

  • Can I access my Petland Credit Card account using my smartphone?

There is no official app offered by Petland Credit Card. If you want to access your account using the app then you can go for doxo Account Manager App for this purpose. By using this app, you can manage your account and can update your account info anytime. The link for doxo app for both android and ios is mentioned here for your help you can install the app in a single click doxo App for IOS and doxo App for Android Phone 

  • What is the easy method to contact customer service support of the Petland Card?

There is no suitable page of the customer support system in the Petland official site. If you want to contact the customer representative, you can use the number (800) 221-5935.

  • Is there an alternative name for Petland Store Card?

Petland is the most common alternative name for Petland Store Card, but Petland Credit Card, and Petland Charge Card are all alternative names for Petland Store Card.

  • Can I make payment for Petland Credit Card using my debit card?

The answer is Yes you can do it so by using your MasterCard, Visa Debit Card or Discover.

  • Can I make payment for Petland Credit Card using my credit card?

No, you can’t because Petland Card do not provide facility to make payments using your credit card.

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