Privacy Policy

The website holds over your privacy seriously. This privacy policy explains what personal information we take and do we utilize that.

Routine information collection

All the web servers track the basic information about their customers. All this information includes, but it is not limited to, IP addresses, browser details, timestamps, and referring pages. Not any of this information can personally identify specific customers to this site. All this information is tracked for the routine administration and also the maintenance purposes.

Cookies and Web Beacons

Where it is necessary, the website utilizes the cookies to store all the information that is about the visitor’s preferences and history in order to provide the best visitor with the customized content. There is a chance that other advertising partners might also use cookies scripts so that they can track visitors to our site so that they can display the advertisements and other useful information. Such tracking is handled directly by the third parties with their own servers and is the subject to their privacy policies. So whenever you utilize our services, we collect several information by automated or some electronic means, with the help of the use of these technologies such as the cookies, pixel tags, and web beacons. As it is clear that you utilize our services, your browser and devices interact with the servers operated by us, our business partners and all the services providers to manage and record the interactivity and also to complete your requests for the services and the data. It’s just as for example when you look for our services, and our service providers might place cookies on your computers or even on your mobile devices. These cookies might include the means for the tracking of the information of your transaction with a merchant and might include the means of tracking your mobile devices. These cookies help us to provide an experience and also help us to make the fraud cased prominent. You might think that what is a cookie? It is a small amount of data that a web server delivers to your browser that holds all the information linked with your account. Some of the cookies might contain some sort of serial numbers that also allows us to link your activity with all the services and their information. Some of the cookies are not permanent, but others might configure as a long lasting one. Session cookies are the temporary ones that are used for different reasons. Reasons for example, to manage the page views. Persistent cookies are the most permanent cookies that are saved on your computers or on mobile devices. This remain even when you exit your browser. We gather a number of different types of information from cookies and from other technologies. Our server logs are bound to also record the IP addresses of the devices that are being used for the interaction. An IP address is basically a specific identifier that the devices utilized to identify and communicate with each other on the internet. In a number of cases, all the information that is collected by these cookies in non-identifiable ways, with no reference to the personal information. The website credits cards adviser has a bonding with third-party advertising companies to provide advertisements on our behalf onto other different websites. We affirm that we do not share personal information with the third-party advertising companies to have the advertisements from your side onto other websites. And also, to perform tracking and reporting any kind of functions for our services and our advertisements. We appreciate you to provide your feedback on the privacy policy or the statements of these their parties.

Compensation Disclaimer

Kindly note that the website has financial relationships with some of the merchants that are specified customers here.

Contact Information

Concerns or questions can be directed through our contact form for further clarification.