Walmart Credit Card: Reviews & Complaints, Rewards, Bill Payment, Apply

Walmart Credit Card is providing a great platform for their customers by presenting cash back opportunity of 3% online at, 2% cash back opportunity on making purchases at Walmart and Murphy USA gas stations and 1% cash back opportunity by making purchases at Walmart stores. Walmart charge zero annual fees for their card. Other benefits include they provide their cardholders with special finance offers with zero interest or deferred interest. To manage your card account activities and make your payments online you can login your account by using the official website link.

Quick Facts

  • You can earn 3% cash back by making purchases online at
  • 2% cash back opportunity on making purchases at Walmart and Murphy USA gas stations.
  • Can earn 1% cash back by making purchases outside Walmart stores.
  • Offers you with special financing for 6,12,18 or 24 months depends on your creditworthiness.
  • The annual fee is none.
  • Provide you with the Fraud protection.
  • Give you a FICO credit score for free.


After opening your account with Walmart credit card within 24 hours if you will spend $25 you can get $25 as a statement credit.


  • Offers you with 3% cash back by making purchases online at
  • 2% cash back opportunity on making purchases at Walmart and Murphy USA gas stations (Murphy Express is not included for this offer).
  • Offers you with 1% cash back by making purchases outside Walmart stores.

Reviews & Complaints

After collecting the complaints and reviews from the customers, some of the reviews below are collected from different sources and forums.

“Recently I got a letter stating that they had closed my account. I make all my payments in full. As I am a student but I never got late to make my payments late even a single one. The reason for closing my account that they stated is that my credit score was roaming around the same amount, which I received earlier. I am using this card since one year in a good standing.”

“ Without giving any reason they will decrease your credit limit and will not give it back to you.”

“These people do only one thing which is dropping your credit limit without any reason. It take a long time for me to write a bad review for them! I make all my payments in full on time and paid for this card multiple times on the occasions. If you want a good credit card try another option!! Because whenever they drop your credit limit, your credit score will be affected. So I am quitting this card.”

“Worst credit card ever! In the start, I received a credit limit of $500, I had never missed my payment, and my balance stupid was always kept low. Recently I received a letter stating that my credit limit is decreased to $340. Is it a joke? All my payments were on time and you are dropping down my credit limit. WOW! Insane.”

“ I had applied on the line with a 821 FICO score and they approved me only for $500. This is disgusting.”

“I am owning this card from the past three months. The credit limit issued to me was $200. I make payments for the card every month on time and did not received any increase in my credit limit”

“I was having a Perfect Credit and they suddenly canceled my card as I was having a perfect payment history and took back me reward point of 450. Can’t understand this shit”

“Go for another card they will smash your credit score”

“This is the perfect card to have providing you with the excellent service”

“I loved this card but closed it because I was using it so much”

“From the past 2 years, I am having this card. They had decreased my credit limit, which they had assigned me two times. This was done after I made huge payments from my account. I had never been late to make my payment clear by using this card. When I called the customer service for a reason, they replied we had sent you a letter. Is this a way to deal with the customers?”

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Can I Make My Walmart Credit Card Payment Online?

Yes, you can make your payment online. Walmart is providing their customers with two methods to make their payment online.

Pay through Walmart’s online portal

The first and the easiest method to make your payments online for the Walmart Credit Card holders is defined below. Go through each step to make your payment.

  • Visit the official site of Walmart Credit Card to access the login page.
  • If you are a new user and do not have access then you have to register yourself first. For this, you have to click on the register button.
walmart credit card registration process
  • Now you have to enter your zip code and card number.
walmart credit card registration process
  • Locate the bill pay option and click on it.
  • Now you have to provide the bank account details by using which you want to make your card payments.

Pay using

The other method to make your payment for Walmart Credit Card online is by using the website This is a platform for the customers who want to make their payment without having any online account for Walmart Credit Card. Go through the steps below to make payment with mycheckfree.

  • Go to the homepage and locate Go Scout! Enroll.
  • To create your account you have to provide your email address and password.
  • Search Walmart from the list of Local and National Bill.
  • Now you have to choose the Walmart Credit Card and then click on add.
  • Next click on Continue.
  • Provide your Walmart Credit Card account number for the personal information requirement.
  • Now click on add.

Using mycheckfree will help you to send your bill electronically on the mail address, which you had provided. On sending the next bill, you will be guided with the procedure for setting up an account for payment.

Make Your Walmart Credit Card Payment by Phone

In case if you do not have any online access then you can use the other method for making payment that is over phone. The phone service is named as Speedpay. Moreover, the number for contacting this service is 1-877-294-7880.

This method is free to pay for your card, unless you need any assistance by the representative, this will charge you a fee of $10 as a service charge. Therefore, to save you from the service charges it is better to use the automatic service.

Can I Pay My Walmart Credit Card With a Credit Card?

You can make payment for your Walmart Credit card using another card as it is technically feasible but we will not advise you to do that. The same strategy for this is to use the cash advance option from one credit card to make your payment for the Walmart Credit Card.

As by using, the cash advance method will make you to pay huge fees and interest rates. So this will lead you to pay more debt that is why this method is not worthy you should not use this method as this is not appropriate.

Make Your Walmart Credit Card Payment by Mail

Another method to make your payment for Walmart Credit Card is by using mail address. To send your payment you can use the address given below:

PO Box 530927
Atlanta, GA 30353-0927

The First Step in Applying for a Walmart Credit Card

To apply for the Walmart Credit Card below are mentioned four easiest methods for you:

  • Register yourself at any store of Walmart.
  • Register yourself at Walmart jewelry kiosk.
  • Get registered using the online platform at
  • Register yourself using Walmart Mob App.

Applying in Walmart Stores

Apply in Store at the Register: If you are interested in applying for Walmart credit card at any Walmart store the for this process you need a legal photo Id and your credit card which you are currently using to have a Walmart Credit Card. The cashier will insert all the information, which you provide on the system and can scan your credit card for your detailed information required for the procedure. Then for further inquiries you have to answers a few questions that they will ask and after providing that your application will be submitted. Your application can be approved within a minute or you will be asked to make a call to provide more information.

Apply in Store at the Jewelry Kiosk: To apply for Walmart card at a jewelry kiosk you need a legal photo Id. The process is same as mentioned above but it will take more time and provide you with better privacy.

Applying Online

Apply Online at You can apply for Walmart Credit Card by
submitting it online at

Apply on Your Smartphone via the Walmart Mobile App: To apply using the Walmart app all you have to do is after downloading the app go to the main menu and locate the credit card option and select it. Further, you will be asked to login your existing account or to create a new one. After that, you can complete the Walmart card application process. You can also send a message to 88278 by typing the word APPLY to get an application.

  • What You’ll Need for the Application

The application process is quite simple. All you need for completing the
application process is to provide the information including your name, present address, email id, social security number, phone number, annual income and time on your current residential.

  • What You Need to Know Before You Apply for the Walmart Card

Before going through the application process for Walmart Credit Card, you should have the information that Walmart is offering two types of cards, one is Walmart credit card and the other one is Walmart MasterCard. Both card have the same application process.

As this card is designed for the Walmart Cardholder who are the regular customer of Walmart having a fair to good credit score. This card is not for the customers with low or no credit.

This card is the best option to have as it is easy to get, you can have both cards easily. As this is a great platform for the people who are in search to build their credit history.

Your Credit Score Matters

Before starting the application process, you should know the terms and conditions. The cardholders with better credit history are approved more likely for the Walmart MasterCard, which you can use in every place where the Walmart MasterCard is accepted.

The customers having low credit score can be eligible for the Walmart Credit Card, which can only be used at Walmart stores. Synchrony bank issues you with both cards, as this is a bank, which is specialized in credit cards of store-branded. To get approved for the card you should know the credit score before that as it will lead you to be approved for the card. You can use the site to know your credit score as this is a free process.

Which Walmart Card Will You Get?

The applicants having the credit score of 500 that is very high can be eligible for the Walmart Credit Card, and the applicants having credit score of 600 will be approved for Walmart MasterCard.

Make sure this is not the only condition to get accepted for the card as this is a general indication only. Before applying for the card you should go through the terms, conditions of the card so that you would be able to know the rates and fees that you have to pay on having this card. You can come up with all the details by accessing the application page.

Once You’ve Applied

If you will be approved while applying in store at the register or jewelry kiosk soon you will receive a shopping pass that will give you permission to use your new credit card instantly. This card is beneficial for you if you will use it within 24 hrs.

At the specific store. If you had applied for the Walmart Credit Card online and are approved then you can use your card instantly online. To receive your card via mail you have to wait for at least 7 to 10 days. If you do not receive the card within 10 days then you can make a call for assistance on the number 1-877-969-3668.

If You Are Denied for the Walmart Credit Card

The reasons for refusing you for the card will be mentioned on the letter which you will receive on the mail address. You should go through that letter carefully that would help you to know where you are lacking in your credit score.

Make sure the reasons mentioned on the letter should be reasonable and accurate. If you find any problem then you can contact on the number given to you on the end of the letter and can easily know the correct information.

Bottom line: You can also use the reconsideration line. After receiving the denial letter you can make a call to the card issuer and can ask him to reconsider you. Do prepare the reasons before that why you were lacking to get approved for the card.

Using Your Walmart Credit Card

After being approved for the Walmart Credit Card you can use you card. You can earn rewards at in-store Walmart Credit Card. You can get cash back rewards on making every single purchase. You will receive a reward in form of a statement credit.

As mentioned above Walmart Credit Card charge you with zero annual fee so this card is free for you.

The platforms where you can use this card is as follow:

  • Walmart Stores
  • Murphys USA Gas Stations
  • Walmart Gas Stations
  • Sam’s Clubs
  • Walmart Neighborhood Markets

After getting accepted for Walmart MasterCard you can use it in every place where the MasterCard is accepted.

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Walmart Credit Card Alternatives for Poor or No Credit

If your credit history is not good as it is required for the Walmart Credit Card and due to this you have been denied then you can go for secured card like Platinum credit card that is issued from Capital One as it might be a good option for you as a starter card.

Capital One® Platinum Credit Card

Capital One® Platinum Credit Card

This card charges you with zero annual fees and raises your credit limit to higher if you will make your first five payments on time, this card is a perfect option if you want to build your credit. If you select the secured card for the application then the security deposit that is refundable is mostly the same as the credit limit which was given to you in the start. Although it pays you less to rebuild your credit history.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where the Walmart credit card can be used?

The platforms where you can use this card is as follow: Walmart Stores, Murphys USA Gas Stations,, Walmart Gas Stations, Sam’s Clubs and Walmart Neighborhood Markets Walmart MasterCard can be used on every place where the MasterCard is accepted.

  • How can I be eligible for the Walmart Rewards Program?

After getting approval for the Walmart Credit Card, you will be eligible for the reward programs automatically. You can earn rewards by using your card.

  • What is a difference between Walmart credit card and Walmart MasterCard?

You can use the Walmart credit card at the Walmart stores and only. On the other side the Walmart MasterCard can be used everywhere where the MasterCard is accepted. The Walmart MasterCard also offers you with some standard benefits.

  • How much time will it take to give approval for the Walmart credit card?

The decision is visible to you within a minutes no matter whether you were accepted for the card or not. You can check your application status after getting approved instantly by making a call on the number 1-877-969-3668.

  • Can I pay for Walmart Credit Card at the store?

Yes, you can pay for your Walmart Credit Card in the store to the customer agent present in the store. Within 48 hours, your payment will be posted. Make sure that you are having your card or the account statement as you cannot be recognized without this.

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